Mit “Apollo” hat der erste Song des kommenden RENDEZVOUS POINT Albums das Licht der Welt erblickt. Im gerade veröffentlichten Musikvideo ist für lichte Stimmung allerdings nicht so viel Raum:

Schlagzeuger Baard Kolstad, auch bekannt von den Prog-Kollegen LEPROUS, erzählt von der Arbeit an der ersten Single im Studio:

“Petter (Hallaråker – Gitarre) and Nicolay (Tangen Svennæs – Keyboard) spent a weekend in Nicolay’s studio in Oslo, on 11-12 march 2016. Apollo ended up being the result of that weekend.

Nicolay had his prophet synth rigged up, and he starting jamming on the intro. Petter laid the intro guitars over, and we knew we had to build it into something epic. Nicolay found some cool drum samples and created a simple, slow beat, with a marching snare feel to it. We wanted to have a lot of space in the song. It needed to sound huge, but not busy. 

We sent it to the rest, Geirmund figured out vocals pretty quickly, and we rehearsed it in time to play it live on the Long Distance Calling tour and Haken tour. It was very well received, and we felt that we had touched upon something new in our sound that was very refreshing.”

Das Album “Universal Chaos” wird am 24. Mai über Long Branch Records erscheinen und kann HIER bereits vorbestellt werden.

Universal Chaos” Tracklist:
01. Apollo 
02. Digital Waste 
03. Universal Chaos 
04. Pressure 
05. The Fall
06. The Takedown 
07. Unfaithful 
08. Resurrection 
09. Undefeated

(Autor: Saskia Z.)

Quelle: Rendezvous Point